Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. was created in 1998. The firm has been continuously helping clients since that time while solely focusing on the problems caused by police brutality, employment discrimination, and nursing home abuse and neglect, as well as areas of law related to these, including wrongful death, wrongful terminations, and medical malpractice. The firm knows how stressful it is to have been victimized, whether a wrong was directed to yourself or to a loved one, and will treat you with that in mind. The Firm is small enough to give each of its clients the personalized attention they require and large enough to take on any adversary, such as the local, state, or federal government, as well as the largest law firms. The firm has all the legal research resources, financial resources, and personnel resources to accomplish whatever is required for your case.

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. is a successful and dynamic law firm in Chicago focusing on cases involving nursing home abuse and negligence, police misconduct, civil rights violation and employment discrimination in Illinois and other states.

The firm is selective in the number of cases it handles, believing that each client deserves the full attention of a team of committed attorneys and staff members. Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. devotes 100% of its practice to litigation.


A Team of Committed Advocates

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. takes a team approach in its cases. With four lawyers, supporting staff, and drawing upon outside expertise, the firm is committed to achieving success. The firm approaches each case with the expectation that it will go all the way through trial. Accordingly, the team painstakingly researches each case and prepares for the courtroom. This careful preparation often enables the team to negotiate a settlement from a position of strength, while still allowing the team to mount a strong litigation effort, if necessary.

Whether the case involves nursing home abuse, police brutality, or wrongful termination, the firm’s goal in every case is to achieve justice, right the wrongs that have been done, and maximize the compensation the client receives.

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